Friday, June 8, 2012

Foodie Friday!

We're coming out of, what seems to be, the end of transition pain-in-my-assness (more on that next week), but, in the meantime, I've been keeping busy because creating, in one way or another, has always kept me sane. Among some of the new things I've made are some DE-LISH dishes that have been humongo hits up in here!

First up-- Lasagna Buns (find the recipe here here)
If you don't already, 'like' $5 Dinner on Fbeezy; that's where I got this recipe. It is too cheap to make and my brother (who's hanging out with us for the summer between his sophomore and junior years of college) raved about it! Our little man, Jake, highly enjoyed it, too :-)

First, make the sauce. And, if you can, let it simmer for about an hour; that's when the flavors really marry (<----check me out! Stayin' classy...Ron Burgundy?) and the sauce is so much better. And, you guys? NEVER buy premade sauce again! To make this sauce it cost me $1.68!

Homemade ricotta! Tastes EXACTLY like the real stuff! Unless I missed it on her recipe, which is totally possible when cooking around a 2 year old who NEEDS you to count with him because it's more fun as a pair, you just gotta find your own consistency. I used 3/4ish of a cup of sour cream, and for the spices I used oregano, salt, and fresh ground pepper.

Add your browned ground beef to the sauce, which had simmered about an hour.

I bought already-split sandwich rolls, so I didn't hollow them out like she suggests because I felt they'd become too flimsy once the really saturated ingredients were layered on top.

Replace the top bun and bake for this magnificence---->

I feel like John Stamos said this because, one day, this meal would exist....
Have mercy

You want this on your taste buds, fo' sho.

And, this is just an obligatory cute picture of my Biggest because he's starting to like me again (pretty sure he thinks *I'm* the one who sent Daddy overseas. And, homeboy was pissed) so I thought I'd capture this moment in time in case it was fleeting....

Cake Batter Pancakes!

I'm really appreciative that my 2nd brotha is out here keeping us company this summer and one of the ways I tend to show people my appreciation and care is by cooking for them. Doesn't hurt to be my friend ;-)

So, I made these pancakes because there's not going to be a birthday in this house for a wee bit and my brainlogic couldn't handle making a random cake. This way it's, at least, justified!

Before making the batter, I needed to make the cake mix. This is the recipe I use for from-scratch cake (only combine the dry ingredients and omit the shortening). Since you only use a small bit of the cake mix, I put the rest in mason jars where it'll be used over time for these pancakes! Guess I'll just have to make these again. Couldn't be wasteful, dontchaknow....

I had to work on the glaze. Not sure if it was an altitude issue or what, but I needed to add a lot more milk to get to this consistency.

& we only had Valentines sprinkles, but nobody seemed to mind!

My apparent-food critic brother said they were sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. If anything, they're pretty!

Like I said, I've been keeping the hands busy so my eyeballs have been glued to Pinterest, which is where I found this mask. I did it yesterday and my hair is uber soft! I swear to Lady Gaga that my hair has doubled since I've began making a small human and applying this felt like it was being licked on by kittens. It rinsed easily and my hair is bombdotcom.

Ok, kids, have a great weekend!

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