Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's a beautiful life.

I saw this quote recently, coupled with a picture of a screaming, crying toddler that read something to the effect of, "My child isn't giving me a hard time. My child is having a hard time"

Quote: Preacher, Me: Choir

I don't think anyone reads this blog and, necessarily, walks away with this thought, but, as difficult as transitioning to deployment-life can be, things aren't always "bad" here. I don't always cry. I just don't mind talking about the times I do. I'm not trying to pretend life is pretty all the time. But, it's pretty effin' perfect for us.

Is it a giant suckfest when J has the few, two-year-old moments where he looks at me and I can read the CNN-like scrolling dialogue in his head that goes something like, "Hey, mom. I'm about to tell you to suck it. So, get ahead and prep for that."? H-E double hockey sticks to the YES.

One does not simply overlook a moment like that.

But, this kid and I have something I feel just has to be rare. We have our World War III moments, but those are not even close to being the norm. And, we ALWAYS make up and move past it.

I get kisses every time I lay him down for nap, or down for the night, or when I drop him off for his once-a-week date with hourly care.

He hugs me if he, just as surprised as I am for the most part, hears spontaneous tears.

He hugs me randomly.

He searches for my praise when he writes "1,2,3" and "J" in sidewalk chalk in our backyard with his big, dimply smile.

He likes to make me laugh.

He shares his toys with me. Which we all know is code for, "I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU, MAMA"

He has to sit on my lap, & recline onto my chest, when we read "Panda Bear, Panda Bear What Do You See?"

Life: it's not too shabby over here.

The two great, outside-my-belly loves of my life <3

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So Very Domestic said...

<3 Random hugs are absolute magic <3