Sunday, June 10, 2012

Transitions can suck it.

I planned for this. I prepared for this. 

I was kicked in the ladyparts by this.

I knew that once Gary deployed it was going to be a patience-thinning, sleep-losing, pain in my ascot extravaganza of crap until we figured out our new normal. Well, it has been. Jake has been going through a lot and I finally figured out that I was going through more than I realized which is why my patience seemed to run out earlier than usual.

Then, like Murphy's-Law clockwork, Jake decided to show me he was ready for his toddler bed. Another transition on top of everything else. Just imagine me Anchorman-dropkicking a small animal. That's how great it was...

Jake has always been very physically capable. His fine motor skills have always been on the side of kickass, which isn't always found in kids his size, & he resembles a cat in the way he almost always finds his feet regardless of the situation. Totes. So, I wasn't necessarily worried about him hurting himself once he, literally, started jumping out of his crib like he was a 16 year old delinquent hopping a fence. I just wanted him to have the opportunity to get back in there for some sleep.

Well, he's a big boy, in his big boy bed, and he adores it :-) Of course, there were the few days of roughly-napping and EARLY wake-ups, but we're over the ugliest of that hump. And, his room isn't even that destroyed in the mornings or after nap! Transition-crisis somewhat averted!

But, my favorite surprise has been Jake counting every.single.thing. He started doing this a while ago now, but he counts to 15 backward & forward and it, honestly, surprises me how quickly he can go between the two. He even goes back if he happens to have forgotten a number. I didn't even know he knew past 10! He's so proud of himself and I LOVE hearing him do it. He loves finding numbers on aisles, on the clock, and even counts the letters of his name after he spells his name. I wish Gary were here to hear him doing all these things with so much confidence & enthusiasm. Growing up boy!

But, as good as it feels to be in the second trimester, the transition of doing this parenting thang solo is sooo tiring! I am just wiped by the end of the day! The only reprieve is that the boy likes me again. Which kind of rocks since him hating me made me want to poke holes in a box and ship him to his grandmama. Thankfully, as things have gotten better so have my energy levels! And, I've been working out 5 days a week to stay healthy for our beautiful, little player-to-be-named-later, but it has proven invaluable to get those endorphins during the trying times. 

Since we seem to be finding our new, I've began focusing on things that will help to pass the time and keep my hands from becoming idle.

I have 2 giant poster boards waiting to be drawn on like I drew this Tweety for Jake the month before he was born. I'm trying to do things exactly the same for this tiny person as I did for Jake, but I'm unsure of what to draw this time around! I s'pose I have a little time to decide ;-)

I wasn't introduced to the making of fleece blankets until after Jake was born, but I went ahead and got this one done for Littlest because, I assume, I probably won't be drowning in oodles of time once I have two wee babes and the husband isn't home yet!

I wanted sooo badly to make this blanket girl-themed! I SWEAR I have a little girl in my belly, but we've got 22ish weeks until I can start personalizing stuff!

I saw this on Pinterest and could not force myself to resist making it! I bought the materials and the next day it was done. Of course, it's to support the husband, and all the other troops, but isn't it too cute!? I adore it and I love that feeling I get from making stuff :-)

I have MANY more home-décor-projects planned in my near future (even going to make ice cream!), but can we talk about these--->

(I, preemptively, ask for your forgiveness. I feel Helen Keller would take better photos than me lately...)


When I bought some maternity clothes a few weeks back, I would have harbored major sadface emoticons if I had passed those up! I've wanted Gladiators since last summer and I ADORE them! I wore them with this super cute maternity outfit. I looked completely ridiculous in the maternity outfit, since I'm still not quite there yet (of course, that could change by tomorrow morning! ;-)), but the Gladiators I wore with the ensemble made me totally not even care!

And, guys, can I just share one last thing? I made my first loaf of bread!

It's a cute, baby of a thing, but it was bore out of necessity. Ya brother, Patrick, came across French Toast Pancakes (recipe here) and hinted, as subtly as an iron to the cranium, that he wouldn't hate if I made them. But, I didn't have heavy enough bread, so I decided to make some that I could slice however thickly I needed them and BAM. BREAD.

It's the first time I've used my breadmaker (that I got for $15 off!!) and I.AM.HOOKED. The house smells amazing and now there will be something new I get to make in the mornin' :-)

It's totally all about the little things! :-)

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So Very Domestic said...

First of all, you can do this. I know you can. I'm happy to be your biggest cheerleader. <3

I realize I've only been in America for a little over two months but I want to make that wreath so badly. Maybe I should make a Canadian one and this one and hang them side by side on my patio? You know, I adore it here, but I'm still your Canadian Bacon. ;)

Also, baking your first loaf of bread is pretty life changing, right? You'll be baking bread all. the. time. now. Loooove it.