Friday, July 27, 2012

Midwives are where it's at.

At my 20 week appointment I had to see an OB for my VBAC consult. I'm not sure if that's how it goes for all women, but this is how it goes for this Army post.

I left there devoid of almost all the confidence I've had this entire pregnancy that my body was more than capable of getting the natural birth I so desire.

Well, things changed at my 6 month checkup when I was able to go back to seeing midwives. Thank God.

The midwife I saw, like all the other midwives I've seen this whole pregnancy, restored my confidence, reassured me that they were, in fact, on my side, and even cared about me past the physicality of being pregnant. She cared about me. It was unreal how comfortable I felt. I've never felt that with someone of the medical community. I felt like we were friends and she just happened to be seeing me for the duration of the pregnancy. I wish I could adequately describe the sense of empowerment I got from her, as well as all the other midwives.


At my 20 week checkup, the OB, as friendly and non-threatening as she was, already had a plan about me when I walked in the door. I wasn't a face, I was a file. She determined that I was, without question, a candidate for a VBAC, but that was about where my dream ended. Upon going into labor, she wanted me to come in right away, not even wait for active labor, have an immediate epidural, and labor in bed. I was blown away.

I wasn't going to argue with her; I knew it'd go nowhere, and I have way more class than that. But, I did let her know that I feel so, unbelievably, capable; that I feel great and that I have, literally, zero reservations about myself doing this naturally.

She didn't care.

She was all about scare tactics. And, unfortunately, a teeny, tiny bit of them sunk in and worked. She said if I labor at home AT ALL, and something goes wrong, we'll lose the baby for sure. She gave statistics like, "There's a 1% chance your uterus will rupture [because of the previous c-section] during labor" Hi, that means there's a NINETY NINE PERCENT chance it won't. And, "Of all women attempting a VBAC 60-80% of women do so successfully" Hi, it's me again, that means the odds are in my favor. I mean, I'd go on the Price Is Right with those odds.

C'mon now.

I asked if, instead of getting the immediate epidural, there was a way to assess, once I am in labor, if my ute is holding up so that I don't *have* to get the epidural. She said no. Super. I asked if I could labor in the comfort of my own house for at least a couple hours since I live no more than 10 minutes from the hospital. She said no. She was a big, fat stick in my spokes.

I left there feeling so....dejected. She was punishing my me for what my body did almost 3 years ago when I was having Jake. She was punishing the weight gain I'm so proud of (minus my CA spike :-/), the blood pressure that shows no bad signs of anything (118/63), and the healthy way I've been maintaining myself for just over 6 months now. None of it mattered to her.

What a weiner.

I walked into my 6 month checkup, back with a midwife, and she restored every single bit of anything I needed. I vented to her about the evil OB and she totally understood. As "luck" (?), would have it, she was someone who went from an unwanted c-section with her first child to a vaginal birth her second time around. She was me, plus 15 years.

In fact, she was so supportive I felt she was trying to sell me on how much they were going to be there for me. She said that although all the midwives are aware that I have a slightly higher risk of things to go wrong, because of the c-section, that no one was going to treat me as if I was broken. And, no one has.

There will be constant fetal monitoring while in labor, because you can easily monitor how the uterus is doing based on baby's reactions, but that doesn't mean I'll be strapped to the bed for the duration of labor, as the OB insinuated. I'll be on somewhat of a leash, where I can move around. Because she knows how much I want am going to do this naturally, she was like,  "we'll get you on the birthing ball, you'll move around your room, if the fetal monitor allows, you'll get in the birthing tub..." It's like she was the one who wanted what I want. She's that much in my corner.

Per her approval, I can labor at home until active labor. She doesn't doubt me because of the nothing-I-could-do-about-it pre-eclampsia of my first pregnancy. She even gave me the extra confidence boost when she said that if I could handle 12 hours of pitocin contractions without any type of meds with Jake that regular contractions should be completely doable for me.

She also made sure I was going to have people with me, and she made sure that the people who'd be with me (Jake's Godmother, Gabby, and my own madre) were supportive of what I wanted because it can be difficult to see someone you love in pain. I wasn't just a file to her, I was an actual living, breathing, people-making person sitting in front of her. Amazeballs.

And, after I read this incredible story, I couldn't help but share this. Midwives are bombdotcom.

Au naturale, I'm comin' for ya :-)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

24 weeks!

It's getting closer and closer to meeting her and I, like Jennifer Love Hewitt, can't hardly wait!

Still feeling so great! My only issues are, sitting for *long* periods (like when you drive across the country...) pisses off my lower back and if I don't sleep with a body pillow (like when we go back to CA for a visit and I freakin' forget it...) I feel a little stiff in the morning, but not one complaint otherwise! I feel so much more physically competent than I did while pregnant with J. And, my boobies still get pretty sore! 

:: moonwalks while clutching the milk-makers :: 

Like, really sore. Believe me, ladies and gents, I'd take this ANY day over the having-to-get-my-supply-going days. Bring on the tender boobies! It's about as much action as they get anywho... Anyway, ADORE how it's going and feel so blessed to feel this great! If I can keep this strong, great feeling going I'm going to kick the crap out of labor and delivery! I can't wait :-)

Bee Tee Dubbya, why is 40 weeks so.... 40 weeks?!

(Please forgive these pictures. OH EM GEE, it was too much to ask to get myself into position AND hold the camera AND get a shot in focus. I could not have felt more like mothereffing spaz.)

(The only decent bare-belly pic I could get was right before my workout. Otherwise it was just fuzzy like a peach.)

A couple things: 1) I'm at the point in the pregnancy where Baby Girl is sitting right on top of my bladder. I have to pee constantly. Even when I haven't had anything to drink yet. It's a hoot. Thank goodness I make my own foaming hand soap, I guess?! ;-)

2) It is SO CRAZY how my belly is growing this time. I thought, for sure, I was going to start showing by the end of the first trimester because of this being a second pregnancy and all. Negatory, morning glory. Everything was very gradual the first half of the pregnancy. But, I looked at the belly once we got back from CA and whoa, mama!! BOOM. Belly! I guess she grows in spurts because that's how I started showing, too; one morning I woke up and saw the roundness of my belly under my jammie shirt. Ohh, how I can't wait to meet her :-)

How far along? 24w 1d

Weight Gain: 7 lbs. See whatcha get for going back to your native land for a couple weeks!? 6 lbs in a month! Sadface emoticon.

Maternity clothes? Almost always. I physically felt my belly's growth spurt in week 21 and I'm SO HAPPY to be filling out more of my maternity clothes! Feeling much more comfortable in my skin :-)

But, can I ask you guys for some advice? I asked my mom and she only knew of super expensive ones, but I need sports bra help! I buy a medium to fit my body, but then my ladies are seriously squished. Total boob show. If I go large to accommodate my boobies, it's loose on my body. Can anyone help a sista out?!

Stretch marks? None new.

Sleep: Sleep and I are still BFFs. I even take a cat nap in the afternoon during J's nap. I wish sleeping in the middle of the day made me feel more like a bum; instead I just feel like I owned that day.

Best moment of the week: Watching Jake play with his uncles <3 IN-N-OUT; Still not being over the fact that I'm baking a baby girl <3 :-) Oh, and knowing where she is based on the shape of my belly is about as awesome as it gets!

Oh, and less ass sweat during my workouts. Win.

Miss Anything? Sushi. Forever and always. GET ME SOME SUSHI.

Movement? Tons :-) I can't even describe how much I love every second of it. So amazing!

Food cravings? Lemons, lemonade, peach tea, raspberry tea.... Basically I'm a glutton for water-based drinks. And, I don't know if this counts as a 'craving', but I LOVE smells. Whether I'm making alfredo sauce, or can get my hands on some lime, I love smelling things way over eating them. Now if I can just get someone to start making food-related candles I'd be the happiest pregnant chick evah.

Food aversions? Peanut butter, sweet potatoes, sharp cheddar cheese

Sex: GIRL!

Labor signs? Nope.

Belly button, in or out? In

Wedding rings, on or off? On

Looking forward to: Meeting our daughter :-) I don't know how I'm going to make it these next 16ish weeks. Pretty sure I'm going to implode from excitement :-D

Weekly wisdom: Much like I felt about bagels, watermelon froyo is for winners.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby girl pretties!

Remember how I used to think thrifting was grody?

Mama was trippin'.

Today I went out and got all kinds of cute for $40!!!! Thanks, Once Upon a Child!

It was pretty painful to pass up all the cute ruffle-butt bottoms and totes adorbs rompers, but I had to keep reminding myself, sometimes aloud, that WE ARE HAVING A NOVEMBER BABY. Summery clothes in newborn-sized would cut the cheese.

The employees weren't the happiest people I've ever encountered, but I walked around that place like I slept with a hanger in my mouth! BABY GIRL SHOPPING!!!! SHOPPING FOR OUR DAUGHTER!!!!

::: does the sprinkler :::

 So much loot for so little dinero!

Check this out...thick jammie onesie, little coat, and beanie....$6!!!

As my mom calls them, "warm-warms" for $2.25 each!

PeeEss...I am SO digging polka dota right now. 

This is one of those warm, cover-up deals that button up the front. 

::: dies ::: 

The 3 top onesies were $1/ea and the 2 on the bottom right were .75/ea!

OK...let's talk about this---> My archenemy for little girl wear is anything that say "Princess" or "Diva" on it; I've even threatened infant-clothing bonfires should we receive any as gifts. BUT, I saw this, and I thought about our daughter's daddy meeting her for the first time. My uterus ached with adorableness and then I snatched this mamma-jamma up like I was on fire.

I can't even handle this. At all. 
The green is much less limey than it looks, but OH EM GEE. My heart has palpitations.


This long sleeve onesie and pant set comes with a sleeveless vest (which is optional to me...until I see our baby girl and EVERYTHING looks cute on her!) and was about $5. 

I picked up a couple extra pairs of shorts for my firstborn, because he needed them (& they were $2/ea!), but I almost feel bad at how much less-cute boy clothing is!

I also stopped at Burlington Coat Factory (aka, baby gear crackhouse) and got Baby Girl her keepsake box :-) Jake has one and it keeps his sonograms, baby book, newborn hospital tags, first haircut...I so love it. Can't wait to build Baby Girl's!

And, as my friend, Megan, reminded me, and what Rachel went through on FRIENDS, the enormo cute of the outfits I got today won't leave any room for any pain-in-the-tush to ask,  "Why would you put a bow on a boy?" ;-)

I am way too excited right now.

::: roundhouse kicks :::