Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby girl pretties!

Remember how I used to think thrifting was grody?

Mama was trippin'.

Today I went out and got all kinds of cute for $40!!!! Thanks, Once Upon a Child!

It was pretty painful to pass up all the cute ruffle-butt bottoms and totes adorbs rompers, but I had to keep reminding myself, sometimes aloud, that WE ARE HAVING A NOVEMBER BABY. Summery clothes in newborn-sized would cut the cheese.

The employees weren't the happiest people I've ever encountered, but I walked around that place like I slept with a hanger in my mouth! BABY GIRL SHOPPING!!!! SHOPPING FOR OUR DAUGHTER!!!!

::: does the sprinkler :::

 So much loot for so little dinero!

Check this out...thick jammie onesie, little coat, and beanie....$6!!!

As my mom calls them, "warm-warms" for $2.25 each!

PeeEss...I am SO digging polka dota right now. 

This is one of those warm, cover-up deals that button up the front. 

::: dies ::: 

The 3 top onesies were $1/ea and the 2 on the bottom right were .75/ea!

OK...let's talk about this---> My archenemy for little girl wear is anything that say "Princess" or "Diva" on it; I've even threatened infant-clothing bonfires should we receive any as gifts. BUT, I saw this, and I thought about our daughter's daddy meeting her for the first time. My uterus ached with adorableness and then I snatched this mamma-jamma up like I was on fire.

I can't even handle this. At all. 
The green is much less limey than it looks, but OH EM GEE. My heart has palpitations.


This long sleeve onesie and pant set comes with a sleeveless vest (which is optional to me...until I see our baby girl and EVERYTHING looks cute on her!) and was about $5. 

I picked up a couple extra pairs of shorts for my firstborn, because he needed them (& they were $2/ea!), but I almost feel bad at how much less-cute boy clothing is!

I also stopped at Burlington Coat Factory (aka, baby gear crackhouse) and got Baby Girl her keepsake box :-) Jake has one and it keeps his sonograms, baby book, newborn hospital tags, first haircut...I so love it. Can't wait to build Baby Girl's!

And, as my friend, Megan, reminded me, and what Rachel went through on FRIENDS, the enormo cute of the outfits I got today won't leave any room for any pain-in-the-tush to ask,  "Why would you put a bow on a boy?" ;-)

I am way too excited right now.

::: roundhouse kicks :::


Becca said...

I love this post so much, so fun! And 2 Friends references in one post? I knew we should be BFF.

Erin said...

The green jacket outfit is too cute for words.