Sunday, August 26, 2012

That time we almost went extinct.

We were sick all last week.

In the entire 16 months I've been pregnant in my 27 years, I've never been sick while pregnant and, you should know, it's one of the worst things that could ever happen in the history of ever.

So, I've felt strong, and good, and physically capable this pregnancy. I had no idea I could feel this good at just past 7 months into the person-making time. If I didn't have a belly I'd honestly forget I was pregnant.

Until last week when I could've sworn I was going to die.

I think the Hitler-version of the cold we had lasted so long not only because my body's resources are used up growing our tiny girl, but because Jake and I just kept passing it back and forth since we didn't have a third party that could come in with their white horse and clean bill of health to pick up our sad selves.

Neither of us were sleeping well; neither of us had much interest in food. We'd lump ourselves onto the couch, watch way more TV than we ever do in this house, munch on Goldfish, and wipe each other's noses.

I think Jake had a, relatively, standard cold. He had the nasty, awful, phlegmy cough and a snot-faucet. He felt awful, and I hated seeing my tiny man like that. But, I feel like mine was a 'go big or go home' version of the cold. I started out feeling short of breath, then the phlegmy-cough, then the snot-faucet, then the mild fever, then the gnarly sore throat--with subsequent voice loss. Because of all my body was going through, I also got to enjoy headaches and nausea. I'd take two hot showers a day, just so I could keep the congestion from keeping me from breathing, and just sit on the floor of the tub and cry. It's not like I'm close enough to anyone out here to send someone a text and say, "I'm about to die. Please come take our trash to the curb, pick up some cold meds for Jake, and bring me a Diet 7-Up" I had to power through. It's amazing what you can do with lack of options.

Crying because you just can't take another day of the sickness + caring for a toddler + mildly running a house by yourself isn't funny. It's really not. But, it was almost comical how little I cared about the house. Dishes were all Jenga-d in the sink; there were diapers in various parts of the house dying to be washed; I turned anything, and everything, within arm's reach into a snot rag. So cute...

I think my saddest moment was when I was half-awake on the couch, as J was upstairs napping, and dropped my phone. It rolled under the couch and my first thought was, "Well, fuck. Guess that's gone forever"


Just another deployment-curveball I'm proud to say we kicked the shit out of.

Although it was probably a combo of the plague-like illness running its course and my natural remedies, I'm still passing this intel along: If you're ever in my situation where you're up shit creek without a paddle (can't even bring yourself to leave the house for any type of meds), here are three homemade remedies that I can almost guarantee will work for you:

1) Tea and a ton of honey (OK. so you've all heard of that one before. Whatevs.)
But, be generous with the honey. It coated my throat enough where I could squeak out sentences to Jake without wanting to die. I text my friend Amy, after forgetting I had a sore throat and let out a full-blast cough, "It feels like my throat has a UTI" But, after the tea and honey it was much more manageable.

2) Hot water (8oz) + honey + apple cider vinegar
You're only supposed to do a tbsp of the honey and the vinegar. But, in my desperation, I added a lot more than that. For those that don't know, apple cider vinegar is seriously amazing. It does all kind of great stuff for your insides. It's actually not a bad idea to take a couple tbsp's a day just because of its amazing benefits. That being said, this concoction tastes like hate. It's not cute. And, I can't even decide which is worse, the smell or the taste. But, very soon after I started taking it there was a noticeable difference. It brought me back from the dead.

3) Cinnamon and honey
Got this off Pinterest for cold-ease. 1 tsp honey, 1/4 tsp cinnamon 3 times a day. I took the 3 servings all at once. I think it definitely does take the edge off.

These things, along with my madre and good friends to text-check on me, saved me. And, practically made up my diet last week. If you're sick, DO THEM.

And, the great thing? That week is behind us! Now to pick up some more things for our baby girl, take my mini man out of this house to celebrate life, and put on clothes! Should I have mentioned, last week, the only thing I found comfortable were jammie pants, or shorts, and a sports bra? Well, it's true. And, now I find shirts insensible.

I will be thankful that this has shown me what I'm capable of. In case you haven't heard, I have a newborn coming my way and it really shows me that this, too, shall pass.

But, know what it also shows me? That even if I'm sure I have not one ounce of anything left in me, I can really dig my nails in like a sonofabeech.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

28 weeks!

3rd Trimester! THIRD TRIMESTER?!

Feeling pretty bombdotcom still :-) Every once in a while my lower back will ache, but I think my workouts have helped to retain my posture.

:: Judo chops gravity ::

And, I still suck at getting decent pictures when I want them. In my defense we were up and headed out the door VERY early....

When I see pics of my belly I'm always shocked at how big it is! I mean, that's the name of the game when you're 7 months pregnant with wee babe numero dos, but I don't feel nearly as pregnant as my belly looks!

pee ess, so my stomach has been developing more freckles this pregnancy, dafuq?!

I am way pumped to meet her. I can't wait to go through labor and delivery and then hold our daughter. But, also? I think I should breathe into a paper bag because Holy Dora she's really coming. And? TWO. KIDS. By muhself.

I've only had those ERMAHGERD!! moments twice this pregnancy, but it comes from a good place, ya know? Like, my excitement to meet her, hold her, and grow our family tickles my insides all the while being all, "HOLY CRAP it's really going to happen!"


How far along? 28 weeks

Weight Gain: 8 lbs

Maternity Clothes? Almost always. Still have a couple pre-pregnancy shirts and bottoms that can work, but the shirts used to be much longer ;-)

Stretch Marks? None new.

Sleep: I feel like I need to bump up the status between sleep and myself from BFFs to straight lovahs. My body feels very relaxed and when I lay down I'm out like a light.

Best Moment of the Week? Having maternity photos done! (Allison Easterling is beyond talented and sweet and understanding. If you're in the Colorado Springs area, snatch her up!). I didn't get them done with Jake because it was all preeclampsia and swelling and late-in-the-pregnancy bedrest, so it was such an amazing experience! And, Jake kissing his "baby dister" :-)

Miss Anything? If you don't know this by now we're fighting. Fine, I'm not a rhymes with 'shmooshi'

Movement? Tons! She's an active little girl :-) There was one night I kept waking up and going right back to sleep. I couldn't figure out what the deuce was going on until I woke up for the day because my belly was bouncing around! Pretty much the best kick-you-in-the-pants way to wake up!!

Food Cravings? Smells (especially of onion and Del Taco), green tea frappuccinos (with nonfat milk and no whip--that's where it's at!), and TURKEY.BURGERS.

For lunch, I make myself a turkey burger sandwich that goes like this: grilled turkey burger with a slice of melted cheese, in between wheat bread with a little mayo and a fair amount of mustard on one slice of bread and spread mushed avocado on the other, and then I enjoy the taste-bud-fiesta. :: dies :: Super filling and so healthy. I look forward to lunch every. single. day.

:: finger guns ::

Food Aversions? Peanut butter, sweet potatoes, sharp cheddar cheese

Sex: Girl!!

Labor Signs? Nope. And, if I've been having Braxton Hicks-- I'm sure I have -- I'm unaware of it.

Belly Button, in or out? In

Wedding rings, on or off? On

Looking forward to: The birth! I can only guess what Gary will feel over in Afghanistan when he, out of the blue, gets the Red Cross message that I'm in labor (can you just imagine?!), and I am SO. STOKED. at the possibility of a water birth. I cannot wait to do what my body was intended and then have her placed on my chest. Cannot wait :-)

And, part two:
You guys? There's a strong possibility Gary will be able to skype the birth!!!! Of course we'd rather have him here, but being able to phone-in to your daughter's birth?! Fughetaboutit...

Weekly Wisdom: Crocs are ugly. Forever. No matter what.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I wish the second time could come first.

Except not in the way that I'm saying I wish I had one kid before the other. In the way that Holy Monica Geller the second time is sooo much easier than the first.

I wasn't all nervous and spazzy when J was in the ute, but I had to wonder about a lot because I just didn't know. First time mama status.

I wasn't sure of what baby gear we needed vs what was some marketing scheme to get us to spend on the unnecessary. I didn't know if there were certain things I should be doing during the day, other than the whole keeping-a-wee-person-in-one-piece thing. I didn't know if I'd, physically, ever feel the same or if I'd ever like my belly again.

What a rookie, eh?!

This time I just feel so much more relaxed. Not only do I not have to be all, "HOLY H-E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS, how will we get everything the baby needs? Where will we put it all? Do I get a say in how our day will go at all??", I know that, aside from the healthy eating/working out thang, she pretty much grows herself. You just kind of sit back and let the bump grow.

Now, though? It kind of goes like this, "She'll have warm clothes, will feed straight from the tap, and has a place to sleep. DONE"

I know that the belly eventually goes back and the baby weight gets lost. Not, like, when you leave the hospital like every. single. mama. secretly wishes or anything, but eventually. I know that regardless of the platform social media gives the people who are like, "Opinions! I has them!", nothing matters except what your little fam' needs; not when someone else feeds their kid, puts them to sleep, what brand clothing they put their kid(s) in. Kind of an everyone-else-can-suck-it type thing. Truth bomb.

I look back at all the time Jake slept as a newbie. It was like a boob-and-bed situation with him. And, a diaper change, obvio. I remember not freaking out, but not fully taking that sigh of relief that he was asleep and I'd have an opportunity to do whatever I needed.

I know that this time the challenge will be adapting to having two kids; making sure Jake still has his needs met and doesn't feel left out, while getting Baby Sister the pretty constant care she needs. BUT, the thing about this time is that I know we'll all survive.There's not one thing outside this house that matters. We'll find our new. And, although, it won't be a pretty picture with dishes piling up in the sink and being behind on 2, or 3, or 17 loads of laundry, it'll be ours. And, it'll be fine. The thing I know this time is that I love these babies more than I will ever in my entire life be able to describe and that's all that matters. The rest figures itself out.

This time, the great thing is that I don't have one expectation of myself except keeping two kids happy and healthy.