Thursday, September 27, 2012

He'll always be my baby.

I could not be more proud of this little man I get to call my firstborn.

He's the most hilarious, sweetest little boy with the most genuine of hearts.

He's recently developed a love for dancing that is the most hysterical thing I'm sure to ever be seen ever. And, the look on his face while he's dancing? That shit could melt even the biggest of haters. There's such a pure happiness that radiates from him. Infectious. He's such a sweet boy.

He's very physically competent, the little linebacker I'm sure his size will dictate him to one day be. He counts to 22, with zero help from me, or prompts from anything. He counts backward from 17 like it's second nature; honestly blows my mind how easy it is for him. He spells his name with unbelievable ease. He knows his colors and his shapes, although "aye-angle" (triangle) and "quare" (square) are his favorites. He puts together jigsaw puzzles and is obsessed with animals, "shoo shoo trains", books, and the water.

He doesn't get much TV, but his absolute faves are Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, and Little Einsteins. Music is the way to his soul. He is so hilariously-awkwardly proud of himself when he fake sneezes so he can say "muse me" (excuse me), or fake laughs because his trucks are just riotous. He loves being around kids who are having fun--we went to this tiny playground in the mall one day and he couldn't stop laughing watching all the other kids screaming in delight. Can't even describe what that does to a mama's heart to watch you kid genuinely ecstatic that others are having fun. Sweetest of boys.

Counting and building are probably his favorite activities in the known universe. Lincoln Logs can both be counted and used to build so they, kind of, make him implode. He's extremely thoughtful; you can almost see his wheels turning as he plans his next move for his Lincoln Log or block.

He loves to cuddle, and love on his "baby dister". He gives the greatest, little chubby-armed hugs. He's going to be thee best big brother.

He's my little boy. And, he always will be.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

32 weeks!

EIGHT weeks left!!!! Single digits!!!

:: roundhouse kicks ::

I'm really not trying to beat a dead horse, but if someone would've told me during my last pregnancy I could feel this amazingly amazing at 8 months along I would've told them their pants were on fire. I feel strong and energetic and overall kickass.

I'm really not trying to be all in yo' face with how great I feel, but I've put my time in. My first pregnancy was full of things I couldn't help. I've earned this celebration, dagnabit! ;-)

Kicking ass and taking names on my to-do list! When I was pregnant with Jake, I remember being supa jealy of my friends/strangers that were in the last few weeks of their pregnancies and able to just be up and moving around like normal humans. Last week? I brought in a metric ton of groceries all by muhself and my lower back didn't even go into spasm! WIN.

Baby Girl is taking up some space; my hunger has seriously tanked. With the exception of lunch, I, basically, eat because I know I should. However, I'm the thirstiest girl who ever lived. I drink 100 oz of water a day and still wake up the next morning jonesing for a bottle. First world problems.

This is the most comfortable maxi dress who ever lived. Ever.

How far along? 32 weeks

Weight gain: 11 lbs

Maternity Clothes? Definitely down to the last few pieces of pre-pregnancy items that can work, but nearly all maternity. Oh, and you guys! I got the most uber comfy pair of maternity jeans evar at Burlington Coat Factory for $15!!!

:: moonwalks ::

Stretch Marks? None new.

Sleep: Adore. Every single night, I fall asleep on the couch, because I lead one sexy, exciting life, and when I wake up to go upstairs to my own bed I swear it's like trying to pull me out of a coma.

Even though I'm getting a lot done around the casa, how much my bod enjoys sleep makes me have to do some serious pep talks to get up and get moving. Preach it, Mr. Gaffigan:

Best Moment of the Week: Getting my hair did! It was long overdue, and because of the past bedrest, it's so great to feel put-together at this point in the pregnancy :-)

Miss Anything? Still just sushi! I remember wanting, so badly, to just feel "normal" again at this point when I was pregnant with Jake. This time, though, I feel so much better :-)

Movement? All the time! She's definitely on the move! And, I can feel her hiccups every single day around lunchtime and every single night around 8:30 :-)

Food Cravings? My turkey burgers. Can you guys just check this thing out?

:: dies ::


It may not look like much, but it kicks your taste buds right in the pants. You can even sub a veggie burger (hey, I had a coupon...) and it's still super tasty. So filling, so good!

And, smells. I was browning ground beef with garlic and onion for part of a dinner one night and was literally salivating. Or, chicken cacciatore in the slow cooker? I swear on a California Roll that nothing could smell better.

Food Aversions? Sweet potatoes, sharp cheddar cheese (by itself. I'm ok if it's in a recipe), and peanut butter

Sex: GIRL!!!

Labor Signs? No, but I have gotten a couple Braxton Hicks that I've actually noticed.

Belly Button, in or out? In.

Wedding rings, on or off? On.

Looking Forward to:  Going into labor! Of course, Little Miss, you're not coming out for 7ish more weeks, but I am soo looking forward to using the hypnobirthing. There's not one shred of me that is nervous/anxious about this. I don't think I've ever been so determined. Complete confidence.

And, Gary being right there with me via Skype!! xoxo

Weekly Wisdom: Have a baby at the end of the year. That way your maternity jeans become your Thanksgiving, and Christmas pants. Love me a food baby.

Friday, September 7, 2012

My Birth Plan

I haven't written anything out to make it "official" or anything. Partly because I'm a lazy mofo, but also partly because I don't know that I find it necessary. The midwives and I are so in-tune with one another and, if anything, we're so like-minded that even if an issue were to arise I feel like they'd handle it the way I'd want whether I was addressed or not.

That said, I plan to be pretty involved in the pushing-a-human-out-my-bajingo thing.

I came across hypnobirthing and it was a love at first sight type thing. At first, I was all, "Dafuq?! This term has 'hypnosis' in it. Maybe not..." But, as I read more into it, I realized that it's not some trippy, voodoo situation; it's simply, at least from the impression I've gotten, mind over matter; it's a way to take yourself out of, what could be, an incredibly painful moment by turning your focus to something else. Whether it be visualization, or meditation, or breathing...or a combo of all three... it's a way to relax your body by relaxing your mind. Transcendent.

This is what I'm all about. How else do you think I haven't gone all Exorcist during any of our four deployments?! You have to take yourself to a good place. This is a mentality I've really come to love since I first discovered it in my first yogalates (yoga+pilates...DOIY ;-)) class when I first started college. Let me think of a way to say 'first' again in that sentence...

So, I ordered this book. And, it's suggested that you listen to this for weeks leading up to the birth. I completely plan to handle. this. shizz. I honestly don't doubt my ability to do this. It certainly doesn't hurt that one of my midwives gave me the total confidence boost that if I handled 12 hours of pitocin contractions without any type of help, while laboring in bed I might add!, that I'll be able to handle "regular" contractions like a boss.

Growing up, me and my brothers constantly had tournaments. No matter what the sport, we always had something going on. And, we weren't just shuttled to these tournaments; we were honed. It was a eat-right and get-your-mind-right situation. I remember, one time, my dad was taking me to an All-Star soccer tournament in Redlands. He asked if I wanted Metallica or ACDC for the drive. That's the kind of situation I feel about this upcoming birth; I'm going to do it so let's do it. By the way, I chose ACDC. Natch :-)

I already believe my body was meant to do this, but I'm not going to go into this blindly; I'm going to have done my reading, listened to my CD, and will have two playlists on my phone (1) relaxtion/meditation to get me through the bulk of labor and 2) straight up gangsta rap --plus some ACDC ;-) --if necessary, for the end to get through the worst). I'm going in totally prepped. I mean, how am I supposed to tackle this natural childbirth if my heart and my head are not fully invested?

I'm going to do this.

If anything, I've posted this publicly so no turning back now ;-)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Total Nesting.

This house doesn't know what hit it.

OK, but not in the way that I'm Monica-Geller cleaning....yet. But, in the way that my productivity has skyrocketed, and I'm already a productivity-loving kinda chick.

Well, there was that one instance in which I was on my hands and knees, spot-cleaning the carpet in the living room--with a smile adorning my cranium. Bee tee dubbya, my homemade cleaner of water/vinegar + baking soda + scrubby brush is THEE MOST AMAZING CLEANER EVER. That cleaning combo is actually amazing for just about anything. And natural! But, I digress....

I have this urge to never leave anything on my to-do lists (and, oh mama, are there to-do lists!) longer than it takes for the ink to dry. I'm unstoppable. Ya know what? Let's just sum it up like this:

Although I feel pretty unbelievably amazeballs at 7 1/2 months pregnant, buying a pasta machine was probably one of the top seven smartest decisions I've ever made ever. Before, I was doing it by hand. Yet another instance where I'd rather have a fork in my eye.

I was making slow-cooker lasagna for dinner one night (kicks way more hiney than standard lasagna) so I had to make the lasagna noodles. Depending on the type of pasta I'm making, I can get 2-3 separate dinner's worth of pasta in the 30ish minutes it takes for a batch in its entirety. Such a lifesaver! And, who doesn't love that the pasta's ingredients are 1) flour and 2) water? HOLLABACK.

Adding to the one dinner's worth of pasta I already have frozen, now I have 3 dinner's worth of pasta in the freezer just waiting to be used. So, not only do we get super fresh pasta for dinners, I'm building up a stash in case the last couple months of this pregnancy become pretty brutal. But, once I hit the 8-month-mark, I'm going to be a pasta-making-and-freezing crazy biatch. I will have two kids by myself soon. I'm preparing like it's Y2K.

Smelling this cooking all day was just about all I could take.

But, there are also home-d├ęcor items that need to be marked off the to-do list. Because obviously.

Every time I do dishes water splashes up and hits the used-to-be-tan knife block, leaving it looking dirty and grody. How could a nesting chick stand for such an atrocity?! I could not. So, I did not. I painted that bad boy and I'm pretty effing in love with it. There's no way I could've left that, or the $30 in change I rolled during nap. Baby girl will be here soon and she won't stand for such things.

We're going to begin potty training in early October (I don't care what age he's PTd by...I just want it done before Little Sister arrives!) so I needed a stool so J could reach the sink to wash his hands--our downstairs bathroom is stool-less. I got the idea to paint it from this timeout chair I've seen on Pinterest. You know the one.  Plus, it also doubles as a kitchen stool for me because my belly is beginning to limit my reach into our cabinets! 

Jake's already scuffing it up. Blast! My handiwork!'s for the kidlets, anywho.

Also? Chevron stripes!

I've also started a second Pooh drawing. I'm not sure why. 
But, it's happening.

Jake helped me paint this frame long ago--before we found out she's a she; the blue is much more periwinkle than it looks. This was on my list of things to do before baby #2 arrived (along with the large drawing and blanket) because that's what I did for J when I was pregnant with him. Gotta squash possible sibling rivalry! ;-)

I hung the framed Pooh (ha!). That just couldn't go another second leaning against our dresser. Could. Not.

Apparently when you live on post, and have kids of the opposite sex, you're able to get back on the housing wait list for a larger house. But, once she's born Gary will only have about a year left on his contract...and I'd rather saw off my left arm with a butter knife than move for just one year. Kidlets will deal, yo.

So, I cleared out a drawer in Jake's dresser for Baby Sister's clothes I'll be washing in a few weeks (!!!!) and moved that stuff to the closet. Because of how itty bitty her clothes are, and because of how often clothes rotate as she grows, we don't need a second dresser now...but maybe I'll pick one up just to have?

I'm not even close to normally like this, but after going grocery shopping last week, I went all Sleeping-with-the-Enemy on our cabinets. I need to be able to easily inventory what we've got when I do my stock-up trip right before she gets here. Or else all Hell would break loose, obviously...

We're not huge from-the-box eaters at all, but sometimes? You just need to go straight gourmet for dinner.

Why not? 

Lists! I love lists! 

Just because I tend to run around Target like a chicken with its head cut off without one. Now's not the time to fix what ain't broke. Mama needs her lists.

I'll also be making another batch of laundry detergent. I'm also in the midst of having the cars serviced. Oh, and I've couponed my way to about 10 bottles of conditioner/shampoo, 30ish rolls of toilet paper, toothpaste/brushes, dish soap, bar soap....You guys, there will not be one thing I have to do once Little Miss becomes an outside baby. I feel like two babies will be enough of an adventure without finding something I should've done before she got here!

Time for a nap....