Thursday, September 27, 2012

He'll always be my baby.

I could not be more proud of this little man I get to call my firstborn.

He's the most hilarious, sweetest little boy with the most genuine of hearts.

He's recently developed a love for dancing that is the most hysterical thing I'm sure to ever be seen ever. And, the look on his face while he's dancing? That shit could melt even the biggest of haters. There's such a pure happiness that radiates from him. Infectious. He's such a sweet boy.

He's very physically competent, the little linebacker I'm sure his size will dictate him to one day be. He counts to 22, with zero help from me, or prompts from anything. He counts backward from 17 like it's second nature; honestly blows my mind how easy it is for him. He spells his name with unbelievable ease. He knows his colors and his shapes, although "aye-angle" (triangle) and "quare" (square) are his favorites. He puts together jigsaw puzzles and is obsessed with animals, "shoo shoo trains", books, and the water.

He doesn't get much TV, but his absolute faves are Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, and Little Einsteins. Music is the way to his soul. He is so hilariously-awkwardly proud of himself when he fake sneezes so he can say "muse me" (excuse me), or fake laughs because his trucks are just riotous. He loves being around kids who are having fun--we went to this tiny playground in the mall one day and he couldn't stop laughing watching all the other kids screaming in delight. Can't even describe what that does to a mama's heart to watch you kid genuinely ecstatic that others are having fun. Sweetest of boys.

Counting and building are probably his favorite activities in the known universe. Lincoln Logs can both be counted and used to build so they, kind of, make him implode. He's extremely thoughtful; you can almost see his wheels turning as he plans his next move for his Lincoln Log or block.

He loves to cuddle, and love on his "baby dister". He gives the greatest, little chubby-armed hugs. He's going to be thee best big brother.

He's my little boy. And, he always will be.

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