Friday, September 7, 2012

My Birth Plan

I haven't written anything out to make it "official" or anything. Partly because I'm a lazy mofo, but also partly because I don't know that I find it necessary. The midwives and I are so in-tune with one another and, if anything, we're so like-minded that even if an issue were to arise I feel like they'd handle it the way I'd want whether I was addressed or not.

That said, I plan to be pretty involved in the pushing-a-human-out-my-bajingo thing.

I came across hypnobirthing and it was a love at first sight type thing. At first, I was all, "Dafuq?! This term has 'hypnosis' in it. Maybe not..." But, as I read more into it, I realized that it's not some trippy, voodoo situation; it's simply, at least from the impression I've gotten, mind over matter; it's a way to take yourself out of, what could be, an incredibly painful moment by turning your focus to something else. Whether it be visualization, or meditation, or breathing...or a combo of all three... it's a way to relax your body by relaxing your mind. Transcendent.

This is what I'm all about. How else do you think I haven't gone all Exorcist during any of our four deployments?! You have to take yourself to a good place. This is a mentality I've really come to love since I first discovered it in my first yogalates (yoga+pilates...DOIY ;-)) class when I first started college. Let me think of a way to say 'first' again in that sentence...

So, I ordered this book. And, it's suggested that you listen to this for weeks leading up to the birth. I completely plan to handle. this. shizz. I honestly don't doubt my ability to do this. It certainly doesn't hurt that one of my midwives gave me the total confidence boost that if I handled 12 hours of pitocin contractions without any type of help, while laboring in bed I might add!, that I'll be able to handle "regular" contractions like a boss.

Growing up, me and my brothers constantly had tournaments. No matter what the sport, we always had something going on. And, we weren't just shuttled to these tournaments; we were honed. It was a eat-right and get-your-mind-right situation. I remember, one time, my dad was taking me to an All-Star soccer tournament in Redlands. He asked if I wanted Metallica or ACDC for the drive. That's the kind of situation I feel about this upcoming birth; I'm going to do it so let's do it. By the way, I chose ACDC. Natch :-)

I already believe my body was meant to do this, but I'm not going to go into this blindly; I'm going to have done my reading, listened to my CD, and will have two playlists on my phone (1) relaxtion/meditation to get me through the bulk of labor and 2) straight up gangsta rap --plus some ACDC ;-) --if necessary, for the end to get through the worst). I'm going in totally prepped. I mean, how am I supposed to tackle this natural childbirth if my heart and my head are not fully invested?

I'm going to do this.

If anything, I've posted this publicly so no turning back now ;-)

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So Very Domestic said...

Yes!! Yes! You are totally going to do this and you know what? You can 'mind over matter' it. You really can. The only time out of three that I had a hard time 'getting in the zone' was when I was induced! The other two times I totally nailed it and I have no doubt that you will absolutely nail this! <3 <3