About Us

Hi, I'm Samantha, the Mrs.

I'm a 26 year old Army wife, who's blessed enough to be married to her high school sweetheart, and very best friend. I have my BS in psychology, but love that fact that I'm able to stay home with our little nugget, Jake, and future spawns of my ute'.

This here is my Mr.
He's one year younger than me. I'm a cougar for him. Totes.
  He's my hero. I am so, so proud of him.

So proud of him, in fact, that I had to make more of him. After more than a few years into married life, we decided to see what the baby maker had in store for us.  We ditched the birth control for a few weeks to see if our "efforts" [effort. HA! what grueling work...] paid off.

It did.

About three and a half weeks later we found out we were pregnant. And, nine months later, we were blessed with the most amazing little boy.

Through adding mama to my resume, I've discovered my love of making baby food, breastfeeding, using organic products, and cloth diapering. Crap...I probably sound like a hippie. I'm not. As proof? I own a pair of Uggs.

I love Trader Joe's and Old Navy. I swear when particularly compelled, but it doesn't happen too often. I strive to use words like ethereal and onomatopoeia in casual conversation. I'm real, and an optimist to my core. I'm laid back. I am married to my soul mate. I love pilates, yoga, and a good run. I employ sarcasm, but not the mean kind. I have an undying love for Diet Coke. I love to shop. I break into song without warning. That probably won't affect you. I love to share, but some things are kept just for us.

I am in love with my hubster, and in awe of our little boy.

 Welcome to our world!

Oh yeah, I love comments.

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